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"Dance has been a form of expression, ritual and social bonding for millennia. BTM acts as a timely reminder that movement, throughout time, has been a communal way of honouring the most significant elements in life. "

Hattie Worboys, Founder & Artistic Director

About: Body Talks Movement is a Community Interest Company that runs an international children's dance film workshop programme, whilst creating films and art installations for the wider public. BTM gives voice to ‘the unheard’ and harnesses the healing potential of movement and other expressive digital art forms.

BTM CIC builds bridges and empathy through the universal language of dance, using technology in a positive way to connect children with peers, within and beyond their local community. We offer inventive ways of combining dance with film, sound and virtual communication. We are exploring the potential of SEI (social, emotional and intercultural) learning as well as universal, expressive non-verbal communication systems that enable people to heal and connect meaningfully through movement and film.

The Body's Voice, We are currently running the Body Talks Movement Pilot Programme and are in the process of developing a BTM Curriculum and Teacher Training.

Who we serve, primarily marginalised, underserved children and their communities (caregivers, families, friends, teachers) and anyone who needs to regain or build their confidence and connect through expressive mediums of movement, dance, music and film.

We are a gateway, accessible across the globe for children to communicate, to heal, to dream through the power of dance and screens. Our international programme devised by artists, psychologists and academics connects culturally diverse groups around the world to maximise well-being and inspire a generation.

Safe spaces, through establishing a safe and permissive space to explore, accept and even celebrate our own unique qualities through movement, we can then accept and celebrate others' unique qualities, similarities, and differences. Through this, we can discover our universality and develop more respect for ourselves and each other. Connecting with and really listening to ourselves and others both near and far away from us is life affirming and gives meaning.

We aim to connect marginalised and culturally diverse groups whilst building bridges across international, socio-economic, and cultural divides.

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