Portrait of Hattie Worboys

Hattie Worboys

Founder & Artistic Director

Hattie Worboys is a versatile artist skilled in multimedia, education, and Laban-trained dance, with over 20 years of experience leading movement training/workshops to people of all ages.

Working with art institutions, galleries (e.g. Hauser & Wirth), museums (e.g. Holburne Museum, V&A) public street parties, film/festivals (e.g Picture House Cinemas) and site specific video/dance installations in venues all around Europe (e.g Venice Biennale).

Hattie fosters inspiration and curiosity in safe learning environments. Creating site-specific choreography pieces, dance films, and immersive audio/video installations. Successful and ongoing working relationships with NGOs, scientists, education specialists, charities, arts organisations and schools.

Since 2015, Hattie has been dedicated to developing dance workshops and facilitating connections among children, delivering and connecting children in: Greece, London, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, New Orleans, Egypt and Zimbabwe.

Throughout her journey, she has formed collaborative teams that intertwine dance, film, sound, installations, teaching, and somatic psychological research. Her practice involves conducting professional site-based dance-film shoots, exploring the profound connections and emotional qualities of dance through multimedia technologies.

Hattie works closely with the BTM academics specialising in improvised movement, psychotherapy (including trauma sensitivity), and neurodiversity. Together, they are developing a curriculum for future educators, aiming to incorporate meaningful connections and embodied experiences into teaching practices.

Portrait of Dr. Terry Sweeting

Dr. Terry Sweeting


Dr. Terry Sweeting, 2022 NDS Dance Scholar Award Recipient, is a complete advocate for dance education and has advanced dance education for children through her three books, five journal articles and twenty-four national, regional presentations including nine funded grants. She has taught dance-related subjects in educational institutions at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), in Canada and Singapore. Dr. Sweeting was recognized by CSUN for her quality work on research and sponsored projects with the CSUN SHINE President’s Award, twice. Her research grants promoted children’s dance and physical education with Title 1 schools in the Los Angeles School District. Dr. Sweeting is currently working with a team of educators and technicians in London, England, to develop video programs for children and families, connecting disenfranchised communities through the healing energy of creative dance. Her integrity as a teacher and her passion for dance are always evident.

Portrait of Oliver Schofield

Oliver Schofield

Director of Photography

Oliver Schofield is a London based Director of Photography (DoP) who works in Commercials, Branded Content & Documentaries worldwide. He has been DoP and filmed numerous documentaries for the BBC and other channels for global broadcast. He has extensive experience in filming informative and emotive documentaries and is therefore used to the discretion and sensitivity required. He will be cinematographer and will develop the visual film element of the workshops, video installation and documentaries with Hattie. He is looking forward to expanding his repertoire by working in a surround art installation format.

Call & Response Studios logo

Dr Tom Slater

Creative Director of Call & Response and Sound Designer

Dr Tom Slater is the owner and creative director of Call & Response Studios Ltd, a spatial sound production studio that houses a dome of 35 loudspeakers that can immerse listeners by enabling artists and musicians to move sound through 360° space. It is from this unique creative production space that Tom works closely with artists, musicians, producers, architects and designers to develop spatial sound and music projects for; live performance, immersive audiovisual installations, XR and web-based spatial audio experiences. Tom holds a PhD in spatial embodiment through audiovisual technology and he continues to apply this research to the creation of highly compelling and immersive sonic environments and musical experiences.

Insight Lighting Ltd logo

Insight Lighting

Production Sponsor

Insight Lighting was founded in 1989 initially emerging from art-school culture and the early rave scene. We create thought provoking and elegant visual experiences. We hold extensive knowledge across analogue and digital technologies, with over twenty years of applied experience. Our interests, expertise and inventory continue to evolve with developing technologies. INsight Lighting is a sponsor of The Body’s Voice

Portrait of Anastasia Sakoilska

Anastasia Sakoilska

Co-Founder & Director 

Anastasia Sakoilska is a versatile arts professional, serving as a Curator, Producer, and Strategist. Anastasia's qualities include determination, sociability, and a positive outlook. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed numerous large-scale and intricate projects, all while establishing and nurturing strong relationships. She places great importance on conveying key messages and maintaining clear lines of communication.

With over a decade of experience in the arts, Anastasia possesses a genuine passion for the narratives that art can convey. She remains a staunch advocate for art as an educational tool, emphasising its significance in her diverse range of work. In 2021, Anastasia embarked on a part-time Bachelor's Degree program in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, merging her two passions in the social sciences and her dedication to collaborating with creative individuals to bring their visions to life.

Anastasia's expertise extends beyond the arts, as she also possesses valuable experience working with the public sector. She possesses an unwavering commitment to working with creatives, enabling them to realise their artistic visions. Her broad range of interests includes visual art, performance art, poetry, and contemporary dance. She utilises artistic forms of expression to actively engage young people in current events and global affairs.

Portrait of Phoebe Beckett Chingono

Phoebe Beckett Chingono

Project Assistant

Phoebe Beckett Chingono is a scholar and cultural producer. Her practice transverses archival research, writing, ethnographic methods, choreography and dramaturgy. Her professional work focusses on supporting ethical and sustainable practices, within the Community Sector, with grassroots social justice organisations, including Grenfell-based communities, and within arts and academia. Currently, she is working with activist, black-feminist, and climate-colonial art and academic projects across the UK, US, Germany and Finland in assistant producer and research roles. Phoebe was a recent recipient of the John J. MacAloon Research Award Full Scholarship to study at the University of Chicago, in the Master’s Programme in Social Sciences, and has received research awards from The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture. There she furthered her training in anthropology, political economy, linguistics and dance, areas which very much lend themselves to the BTM project. She’s a member of art collectives, Museum of Care and The Care-orists; has exhibited performance and video works in galleries in the US and UK; and is excited to embark on a PhD. She is compelled by story-telling, lived experiences, challenging common-sense understandings and the semiosis of value creativity.

Portrait of Miranda Tufnell

Miranda Tufnell


Miranda Tufnell is a dance artist, writer and teacher in movement and imagination. She is also an Alexander teacher and cranio-sacral therapist. She has been showing her performance work in galleries and theatres across the UK and abroad since 1976, as well as developing pioneering arts and health work both within the NHS for a GP surgery in Cumbria and independently within the UK. Her latest book When I Open My Eyes: Dance Health Imagination (2017) documents this work. With Chris Crickmay she co-authored two handbooks on sourcing creative work entitled Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2004). Now based in Northumberland she continues to teach independently, mentor and make performance.

Portrait of Des Burkinshaw

Des Burkinshaw


Des is a former journalist for The Times of London and a producer/director for the BBC, ITV and Ch4. He is a composer and musician and founded the Young Directors Film School. He has just published his first novel, Dead & Talking. He will advise on how to most effectively include the educational filmmaking element into the programme as the Body Talks participants will be shown a variety of ways to experiment and film themselves dancing in the workshops and present these films to each other as a way of communicating with remote participants.

Nicolette Wilson Clarke



Nicolette Wilson-Clarke is the founder of The Creative Genius - a psychotherapy, coaching, facilitation and consultancy agency specialising in supporting the emotional and mental well-being of creatives.

As a Fellow member of the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists (FACCPH), Nicolette is an accredited psychotherapist & coach, mental health advocate, well-being lecturer & facilitator, local radio broadcaster/producer, narrator/voice over artist/producer, blogger, podcaster, trained dancer, Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) and experienced Pilates teacher. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Freedom Foundation who cultivate and enhance the emotional well-being of children and young people together with supporting creative producers on East London Dance’s pioneering Producer’s House programme 2022/23.

Nicolette is a London based workshop facilitator for Dancer’s Career Development (DCD) who support the career transitions of dancers and is passionate about positively shifting negative cultures surrounding mental health within the creative industry. She intends to be a disrupter and a conduit for change promoting inclusivity and acceptance for all.

BTM logo

Larry Graber


Larry Graber, MA, CBBP, brings his academic research in the area of somatic healing to help monitor and maintain programme effectiveness for all participants. Larry is a psychotherapist in Santa Monica, CA specialising in arts and body-based psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress, couple therapy, clinical hypnosis, and medical psychology. He brings over 35 years’ experience in professional psychology, complementary medicine, dance, and creative arts, and is a certified body psychotherapist in Biodynamic Psychology. Larry held clinical/research positions in the UCLA School of Medicine, Veteran’s Administration Healthcare System, and Community Mental Health Clinics. Larry studied indigenous healing practices from Nigeria, Ghana, Brazil, and Ancient Greece. He is completing a doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology at Saybrook University on the historical and contemporary role of the body in trauma psychotherapy.

We aim to connect marginalised and culturally diverse groups whilst building bridges across international, socio-economic, and cultural divides.

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