2023: BTM Pilot Project

2023: BTM Pilot Project

Currently we are running our pilot project, a participatory dance film programme working directly with academics, artists and marginalised children and their communities in East London and Glastonbury, to make The Body's Voice, a public immersive installation this summer.

In December 2022 BTM was awarded an ACE project grant to develop and deliver our BTM Pilot Project. Body Talks Movement (BTM) is a participatory dance programme built on international Research and Development. It seeks to explore and articulates the creative potential of movement, whilst giving a voice to the underserved & marginalised through movement expression and film. Over the course of a series of movement research sessions; live-scored sound experiments; workshops; teacher-training sessions; site-based film shoots; and live installation events, we explore the social connections and affective experiences of dance communicated through/ in collaboration with multimedia technologies. Body Talks Movement weaves between dance, video, sound, installations, research, and teaching.

We have partnered with Salisbury Primary School in Newham, and the Redbrick Building and ZigZag buildings in Glastonbury who support community-based arts projects and have provided space for workshops and film shoots.

We aim to connect marginalised and culturally diverse groups whilst building bridges across international, socio-economic, and cultural divides.

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