The Body's Voice

The Body's Voice


11th - 17th July at IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Ln, London SE1 7LG

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The Body’s Voice
is an audio-visual installation which explores the idea that movement is the sensory language or ‘voice’ of the human body. The installation features moving images of children discovering their unique inner dance voices and communicating through uninhibited spontaneous movement.

The installation will celebrate and showcase the extensive work from the pilot project. The BTM pilot project builds bridges through dance, using technology in a positive way to connect children with peers, within and beyond their local community. They offer inventive ways of combining dance with film, sound, and virtual communication. The workshops explore the potential of SEI (social, emotional and intercultural) learning as well as universal, expressive non-verbal communication systems that enable people to heal and connect meaningfully through movement and film. The Body’s Voice is interwoven with the workshop programme which have nurtured and informed each other as the project has developed.

The Body's Voice can be regarded as a multi-dimensional artwork that exemplifies the programme’s aims and objectives. These include celebrating the unique qualities of each child, building their confidence to express themselves, increasing their ability to listen to, understand and accept themselves and others through movement.   

The installation envelops the audience with multiple screens showing over life-sized moving images of children who’ve recently participated in the Body Talks Movement (BTM) programme. They express themselves and communicate with each other through their own, unique, instinctive improvised body movements.

Without actually taking part in the workshops, we bear witness to something extraordinary that exists in the everyday, yet which can so easily pass us by. The children remind us to tune in and playfully explore our body's voice as it is coming from somewhere that may be beyond the capabilities of our mind.

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The installation is sponsored by Insight Lighting. Other partners include One Dance UK, National Youth Dance Company (NYDC), Salisbury Primary School, The Redbrick BuildingThe ZigZag Building.

We aim to connect marginalised and culturally diverse groups whilst building bridges across international, socio-economic, and cultural divides.

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